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One of the widely applied advance business concepts is BPO i.e. Business process outsourcing  One of the reasons why most of the companies have survived is that they've kept their major departments or business processes overseas where they incurr less costs relatively to what they could incurred while having those operations in their native countires, this comes under BPO solutions. Offshore outsourcing marks highly competitive global market. Pakistan, Srilanka, India, Bangladesh and Malaysia are few countries where the penetration rate of BPO Companies has been much higher as compared to other similar countries.

A BPO provider maintains an office like customer services i.e. BPO Call Center and runs it according to the parent company's corporate timings, their demands and their native accent. In other words, BPO managaement is the leveraging of technology or specialist process vendors to provide and manage an organisation's processes and applications. Other BPO Services include production, marketing or promotion department and outbound sales.

Due to economic downturn and severe credit crunch companies are ;ooking for a BPO company UK. So, they will be outsourcing their operations but in their own land. Now another business concept has emerged lately i.e. To be a BPO Consultant. Such consultants propose a company in trouble and figure out which operation exactly it should be outsourcing to minimize costs and converts losses into profits. Concludingly outsourcing BPO or hiring third parties, to handle companies key operations abroad or localy is known as outsourcing, has proved to be a messiah for weaker comapnies.

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